Friday, November 23, 2007

Family Time

This is the time of year when we really get the chance to fee ourselves with Primary Food! As you will learn with us at Restoring Essence, Primary Food feeds our soul, makes us happy and leads to a healthier you!

Take the time this holiday season to:
  • Read a book to a child
  • Sit my the fire and enjoy the warmth (better yet, with a loved one)
  • Spend time with your pet, without thinking about the time
  • When decorating for the season, think about the tradition,"history" and memories that your ornaments and other decorations hold in your heart.
  • Enjoy the aroma of freshly baked holiday cookies/meals (savor your life)
  • Share a warm cup of tea with an elder in your life
  • Give the gift of vitamin "L" (love) in every meal you make for someone
  • Give the gift of environmental health, plant a tree (or contact to purchase a tree for $1.00)
  • Watch a traditional holiday movie classic with family and friends

Whatever the reason, make this this season to love your life, your health and your family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beth ;)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pipe Cleaner

A couple of months ago, I decided to do a month-long raw food detox with Karyn Calabrese (owner of Karyn's Fresh Corner and Inner Beauty). I did about 80% all raw and tried to schedule in my "required"weekly colonics, but to no avail. I just couldn't find a time to get an appt. Maybe I just didn't like the idea, who know? Either way, I just didn't get them done. I did, however have good success with my detox and have felt better since my summer of ice cream, s'mores and burgers!

Well, this month, I've planned ahead and have scheduled a weekly colonic for the next month. I am working with a delightful practitioner, Starr, who is really good at what she does. Needless to say, it's not the most pleasant thing you can do to cleanse the body of toxins, but once you relax and let it do it's trick, it's really a great feeling afterward. I feel so light, alive and healthy.

It's mystifying how much can come out of a person who's only been eating fruits veggies, nuts and beans for weeks!

This whole thing is quite new to me, but I hope you'll someday try it; it's well worth it weight!

Here's to Health and Healing,