Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recycle those cell phones!

Please take the time to recycle your oldcell phone!
There are over 130 million cell  phones that are currently in our US waste system and 3.25 BILLION cell phone users continuing to dispose of their old cell phones.
There are recycling options that you can use. 
  • Check out where you can  turn your old cell phone into cash!
  • specializes in Sprint and Nextel phones but will buy back other manufacturers’ devices as well.
  • returns money for cell phones, ranging up to about $100 for late-model devices.
  • CollectiveGood collects phones and donates the proceeds to groups like the Humane Society of the Unite States, CARE, The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention and, not incidentally, Congo Global Action.
  • is the fundraising arm of U.K.-based Corporate Mobile Recycling Ltd., and it will set your school or other program up with cell-phone-donation programs that raise an average of 250 pounds (about $490). You can also donate funds raised to charities like the Spanish Red Cross or Oxfam International.
  • helps organize NGO (nongovernmental organization) and school fundraising via cell-phone recycling and also directs funds from donated cell phones to charity partners.
  • exchanges donated cell phones and ink-jet and toner cartridges for rewards points convertible to cash or new imaging supplies.
  • helps organize old-cell-phone drives and pays your group for the phones (and other gadgets) it collects, then refurbishes or recycles them.
  • Inc. buys old phones and phone chargers to refurbish and resell.
  • recycles cell phones, PDAs and pagers and conducts education on behalf of mineral-development watchdog Earthworks.
  • Recyclingfo donates proceeds from cell phones, PDAs, Palm devices, digital cameras and iPods to the charity of your choice.
You make the call!

Beth :)